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Eureka Mignon Magnifico Coffee Grinder

Eureka Mignon Magnifico Coffee Grinder

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This is a high-end version of Eureka Specialita with diamond inside burr which would last longer than average burrs. You will not have to worry about clumping and inconsistency of grind. Step up your coffee journey today.

An all-purpose grinder that is quiet, capable, and easy to use. The Eureka Mignon Mignon Magnifico has a 55 mm hardened steel “diamond inside” burrs that last longer than average burrs. Paired with a powerful 1350 RPM motor, this grinder can churn up to 1.8 grams of coffee per second.

The grinder has an increased burr size of 55mm for greater productivity and efficiency.

Front and center of this grinder is a sleek touchscreen display where you can control the settings. Like all Eureka grinders, the Mignon Magnifico has stepless micrometric adjustment and ACE system to eliminate clumping.

Patented Diamond Inside Coated Burrs extend the life and toughness of the cutting edge dramatically, increasing the life and reliability of grinding performance beyond the lifetime expected of any regular home coffee grinder.

Eureka Mignon Magnifico Coffee Grinder Features

Stepless micrometric adjustment - Achieves a precise grind size that’s ideal for your type of coffee and brewing method.

Adjustable hands-free fork - The adjustable fork for the portafilter helps with a smoother workflow. Quiet but powerful motor - 1350 motor produces almost 2 grams of coffee per second but remains quiet.

Long-lasting burrs - The 55 mm burrs made with hardened steel has a “diamond inside” design that lasts longer than most burrs.

Sleek touchscreen control - Clear and easy to navigate touch controls.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Eureka Mignon Magnifico Coffee Grinder



Aluminum, hardened steel, plastic

Hopper Capacity


Burr Size

55mm Diamond Flat Burr




260 Watts


(L) 119 mm x (W) 179 mm x (H) 350 mm


5.6 kg

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