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Eureka Mignon Libra Coffee Grinder

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Every feel like your coffee workstation is too messy sometime? With too many tools that makes it look clutter. Do you want to simplify your coffee making process? Do you want to save time?

Grind by Weight is now found in your popular Eureka Mignon range. A prosumer grinder with micrometric adjustment, 55mm flat burrs, and an excellent control panel that’s intuitive to use. The Eureka Mignon Libra is for the serious home barista or small cafe looking for consistently good results and reliability.

Taking cues from the beloved Eureka Specialita, the Libra excels at grinding at all sizes but simplifies your routine further by letting you grind by weight. Compact and quiet, the Eureka Mignon Libra will feel right at home in any kitchen.

Simple by design, dialling in your dose in .1g increments is a straightforward process on the responsive touchscreen display. There’s a dedicated icon for single and double doses, plus the option to dose manually. The Libra also has an adjustable portafilter rest for grinding hands-free.

Eureka Mignon Libra Coffee Grinder Features

Grind by weight - Achieve an accurate dose each time with Eureka Mignon Libra’s grind-by-weight system.

Stepless adjustment - The micrometric adjustment system lets you grind with precision so you always hit that sweet spot for your espressos.

55mm flat burrs - Enjoy consistent results at any grind setting.

Compact and quiet - The conservative footprint and low noise level of the Libra make it a fantastic grinder for the home.

Hands-free grinding - Rest your portafilter on the adjustable rest to grind hands-free.

Intuitive controls - The touchscreen display lets you set single and double doses and dose manually when needed.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Eureka Mignon Libra Coffee Grinder


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