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Gaggia Classic EVO 2023

Gaggia Classic EVO 2023

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New Gaggia Classic Evo Pro 2023 Model with the following features:

- New premium professional stainless steel filter holder
- New brass brewing group
- Traditional Gaggia boiler with anti-stick and anti-corrosion inner coating
- New internal platform with pre-assembled components simplifying after-sales work
- 100% Made in Italy

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Unleash your inner barista at home with the Latest Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine. Regardless of your level of espresso-making expertise, the Gaggia Classic will guarantee you delicious morning espresso coffee every morning.

Classic yet Modern, Built to last.

The never-ending passion that Gaggia places in all their espresso machines is obvious. Designed and manufactured in Italy. The Classic follows Italian custom in the precision and control you have over your coffee extraction.

Pulling Shots With Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Classic, a solid single-boiler will stand the test of time with an enduring brushed Stainless Steel casing.  Modern rocker switches simplify your control of the boiler, brewing and steam production. Pair this with a professional steam wand and chrome industry-standard brass filter holder that gives you the feel of the ideal espresso making machine. A conventional group-head with a 3-way solenoid valve makes brewing espresso quick and clean for brewing more than two coffees at a time. 

Guaranteed Crema. Assured Strong Steam

Extra basket sizes that offer guaranteed crema provide an enticing addition to the Gaggia Classics’ kit. Pressurised in their design, the baskets allow for a more forgiving grind size and you can still achieve that delicious crema. Inside Gaggia have used their traditional aluminium boiler, backed up by an in-built water pump that reaches 15bar pressure. It’s this combination that works powerfully to provide whopping steam in minutes.

Ideal for: Home Coffee Drinkers. Beginner Home Espresso. Entry Level Espresso Machine

Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine Features

2.1L Water Reservoir — This can be removed for easy refilling, maintenance and cleaning. This can be refilled during the operation of the machine.

High-Quality Materials — A full metal body coated in only the best premium protection paint stops corrosion and protects the machine for longer. 

Powerful Unlimited Steam — Using stainless steel and aluminium components guarantees you’ll have unlimited steam without concern for limescale issues.

Special Cappuccino Steam Wand — A standard feature, the design allows you to make those delicious frothy caps and perfect lattes to impress.

Guaranteed Crema Filter Kit — An addition to the two standard 58mm baskets comes the Crema Perfetta Filter baskets that assist in building pressure and extracting flavour.

Keeping it all clean is a breeze — Keeping things clean can be half the battle. A removable drip tray makes this easy and not time-consuming work. The 3-way solenoid valve and stainless steel finish assist with the cleanup.

Cup Warmer — Keeps your mugs nice and hot.

This product includes:

  • Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine
  • 58mm Portafilter
  • 1 Cup Basket (used for Pods as well)
  • 1 x “Crema Perfetta” Filters  (pressurised baskets)
  • Ground Coffee Doser
  • Tamper
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